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Mediterranean Food and Beauty Product Supplier for the UK and Worldwide

WGTSS is a British based company that specializes in the distribution and supply of natural Mediterranean products. We primarily supply delicious ambient/shelf-stable food and organic beauty products.



In today’s competitive and globalized world, it is hard to stand out, and we can only do that by delivering outstanding products that are high quality and innovative.

We work with a range of major supermarkets, retail stores and hypermarkets and have an exhaustive knowledge of different markets in the Middle East, Europe and Africa. Companies looking to penetrate markets and capitalize on new business opportunities will benefit greatly from the expertise and understanding we have developed over the years.

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Our Beauty Products

Tiyya produces a range of excellent skin care products which are designed to refresh, nourish and enhance your skin. The minerals and vegetables used to make these beauty products are totally organic and sourced entirely from Morrocco’s natural reserves. As a result, we source all of our beauty products from Tiyya, and these are the perfect product if your customers are looking for a range of natural beauty products that will enhance and beautify their bodies.

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Mediterranean Food and Beauty Supplier in London and UK

Our Food Products

We are an official Ophellia distributor. Ophellia offer a vast range of products including; olives, olive oil, jams, honey, spreads and juice. The products are manufactured in Greece and use state of the art production facilities to create delicious and inspiring food. If your customers are looking for an authentic slice of Mediterranean cuisine, then Ophellia’s range of jams, marmalades, and olive oils are sure to hit the spot.

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Experience The Authentic Flavour Of The Mediterranean

We take care to only supply products that meet our strict standards. We place a strong emphasis on organic and authentic products that really emphasize the natural surroundings they were produced in. So, you can be sure that the products we supply will always be of the highest standards.

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Understanding international markets, distribution channels and supply chains



Our Consultancy Service

Expanding into new markets is rarely easy. However, our deep understanding of various markets means that we can offer expert guidance and assistance to companies looking to expand into new territories. We frequently work with businesses looking to enter the UK market and can assist in identifying potential partners, examining business opportunities and brand development. Get in touch for more details about how we can help your organisation.

Advice On Obtaining A Global Reach

We are a global company, with a thorough understanding of international markets, distribution channels, and supply chains. It is with this knowledge that we have ably assisted a number of multi-national companies and helped them expand. Naturally, we will be able to assist you with your venture however large or unique it may be.

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We are committed to providing quality and value for you and the consumer. We are able to maintain this quality by only supplying internationally certified products that meet all expected standards and show the hallmarks of quality we are proud to provide to our customers.

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Everything we distribute is certified by:

  • The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)
  • The British Retail Consortium (BRC)
  • The International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
  • Ecocert
  • Cosmebio






 Mediterranean Food and Beauty Supplier in London and UK

Mediterranean Food and Beauty Supplier in London and UK 

Mediterranean Food and Beauty Supplier in London and UK