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What We Do

WGTSS was created by experts who have a deep understanding of European, African and Middle Eastern markets. This knowledge of international markets means we have developed extensive and specialized knowledge that is highly valuable to any company looking to penetrate, supply or expand into these areas. So, we can also provide a consultancy service to help guide any companies looking to venture into any new market.

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Mediterranean Food and Beauty Supplier in London and UK





Providing Expert Knowledge To Help You Succeed 

Launching a new product or entering a new market is fraught with difficulties. Reducing the high risk of failure can only be offset with detailed knowledge of the market, identifying consumer need and comprehensive understanding of the local economy.

At WGTSS, we can help with wide-ranging market research, analysis of opportunities and threats and development of strategies.



We have worked with a number of companies in the past to:

Identify potential partners and support clients in negotiations.

Identify business opportunities and the potential for those opportunities to grow in the future.

Acquire investments which will mature and create value for your company.

Develop branding that is relevant and appropriate for the market, to generate the right interest.

Penetrate markets with comprehensive strategies that are workable and make the most of your distribution channels.

Develop business strategies that are long-term and cost-effective.



Who We Help

We can help your company if you are:

A Retail Group – We regularly work with small and large retail shops, supermarkets and hypermarkets. We can help with identifying quality products, discovering new partners and improving value on the customers' end.

A Product Group – We also frequently help companies enter new markets, improve branding and expand distribution channels. We can draw upon the knowledge of different markets and identify cost-effective decisions which will provide optimal value.





Some of our past and current clients include:

  • Morrisons
  • Simply Local
  • Marjane
  • Aswak Assalam
  • Pharmacies



Mediterranean Food and Beauty Supplier in London and UK